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High Risk Low Reward

Real Estate Conveyancing has become a very problematic area of a lawyer’s practice. Real Estate Law offers the Lowest Rate of Financial Return and the Highest Risk and Liability. Fluctuations in business volumes and the related staffing, training, and supervision issues, can create unbearable stress and cost. This is why here at RealProperty, we work hand in hand with our network lawyers to maximize their return as well as lowering their cost and stress.

Become a Network Lawyer

Expansion and Regulation

  • The RealProperty System gives lawyers the Opportunity to Expand their Practice and not worry about the issues of high risk low reward.
  • RealProperty strictly Adheres and Operates within the regulations of the LSUC and to-date none of our Network Lawyers have ever been involved in any disciplinary action.

RealProperty is Structured to Centralize Conveyancing Administration to achieve Economies of Scale, Reduced Overall Costs and Maintain the Highest Standards of Quality Control

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We Cover The Costs

  • Connector.


    We are responsible for the Cost of Technological Upgrades and changes that will continue in the Real Estate Legal Section

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    Superior Support Staff

    We provide Professional, Efficient, and Experienced Clerical Support thus enhancing the lawyer’s practice;
    This allows Better Financial Control for both the Lawyer and their Clients

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    Disbursements on Closing

    The Lawyer is No Longer Responsible for Carrying Disbursements until the transaction is closed;
    RealProperty is Responsible for all Disbursements incurred prior to closing

The Lawyer’s Time is also best spent Advising Clients on Legal Matters, and concentrating on Expanding other areas of their practice.

  • The lawyer will always play an integral part in every real estate transaction, but will not have to be concerned about the nuances of the day to day administrative functions.
  • Administrative functions on behalf of the lawyer will always be performed within the scope of Bylaw 7.1, amended November 22, 2007, operational obligations and responsibilities of the lawyer.

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