Exclusive Benefits and Services for Real Estate Representatives

How Do You Increase Your Value To Your Clients?

Recommend them to a First Class Real Estate Closing Service
that you can count on to do it right, and on time!

Trusted Advice from Influential Professionals

Our Market Research, especially through focus groups made up of individuals who have Bought or Sold a Home in the past 5 years has clearly shown that the Real Estate Representative has a great deal of influence as to where their clients go for Financial and Legal Services.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Facts Not Fiction

  • On average more than 70% of the individuals questioned took the sales representatives advice and retained the lawyer they were referred to by their representative.
  • Less than 20% returned to their previous real estate lawyers! This information has resulted in the creation of Services, Benefits, Courses and Seminars directed to Real Estate Professionals
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    Breakdown Insurance from CHS SafeClose™ 90 Day Coverage

    Protects your clients from the high cost of repairs due to unexpected breakdowns of home systems and major appliances

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    Home Closing Insurance from CHS SafeClose™

    Provides your clients with coverage for irrecoverable extra costs resulting from unforeseen delays or failure in your home closing

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    R-Close™ Remote Video Conference Home Signing Service

    Brings our Lawyers’ and Closing Documents right to your Home or Office – “Unmatched Service and Convenience”

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    FixedCost Written Quotation™

    A completed Written Quote and Confirmation of Representation. No Hidden Costs! No Surprises!

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    Lawyers' Review

    At No Additional Cost we include a lawyers’ review of your client’s purchase agreements and/or status certificates

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    Easy Keys Pickup

    For your client’s convenience their keys can be available for pickup at the nearest participating Real Estate Brokerage office on closing

RealTrac™ Has You Covered

Our File Tracking Database Software helps us keep you and your clients informed, which assists us in completing your client's transaction on time and with less hassle.

Find Out More!

RealProperty has worked diligently to Prevent Commission Losses and Claims Against Real Estate Representatives while Protecting Their Clients’ Interest

Express Commissions Program
Get Paid Quicker!

After entering into a simple agreement with the Broker of Record of any given real estate company, RealProperty will Direct Deposit the Balance of Commission due to the brokerage into their Commission Trust Account for Faster Payment to the Real Estate Representative

Top 10 Reasons to Recommend RealProperty

10 Reasons why Successful Real Estate Professionals recommend RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. to their clients for Home Closing Services

RealProperty offers real estate professionals a better way to help list, market and close their transactions. Our customer service representatives and network lawyers are always available to help. They can provide immediate support and information to help you and your clients address any critical issue in order to close your deal on time.

"In The Loop". - Although not frequent, where issues arise we will keep you informed. We know that receiving a surprise call from a client about an issue you know nothing about can be very uneasy. RealTrac™ our state-of-the-art file tracking software helps us keep you and your clients "In The Loop" during their transaction. RealProperty and the lawyer assigned to the file will take care of any issues that arise and keep you informed. We will also provide your clients with full discloser and constant communication with their lawyer.

RealProperty's SafeClose™ Home Closing Protection is now offered to all clients buying or selling homes as part of their closing package. RealProperty's SafeClose™ Home Closing Protection provides up to $25,000 or 180 days coverage for added costs and damages due to delayed or transactions that fall apart.

RealProperty’s SafeClose™ Home Systems and Appliance Warranty is also offered to all clients and provides coverage for all major appliances, central heating system, interior plumbing, interior electrical, ductwork, water heater (if owned) and even pool/spa equipment. Coverage can be extended after the initial period.

RealProperty now offers R-Close™ HouseCall Closing Services. Your clients will no longer have to leave home to see their lawyer. Included in all closing packages, clients can now execute all closing documents from the comfort of their home or your real estate office, this includes after hours and week end appointments.

Value - Added Services - Differentiates us from others. Our Network Lawyers review agreements and status certificates at no additional cost to your client. We offer real discounts on home furnishings, major appliances, home electronics, moving & storage, renovations and home decor services.

"Legal Issues, Title Insurance Fraud, Regulatory Alerts" - RealProperty will provide you with updates via e-mail and in-house courses and seminars where arrangements have been made. Our goal is to keep you informed and protected.

"Independent Legal Advice" requirements - RealProperty's Lawyer's Network can also assist in the fulfillment of providing independent legal advice, without conflict of interest, to clients prior to entering into binding agreements where required.

All real estate commission cheques are delivered by next day courier. Where special arrangements have been made with the Broker of Record, commission cheques are deposited into the brokerages Commission Trust Account.

Real estate representatives that refer clients to RealProperty will receive complimentary attendance to continuing education courses such as, Opportunities and Advantages of Home Warranty Disclosure (3 hour credit course).

Give Us A Call

We encourage Real Estate Representatives to Call and Speak with one of our Network Lawyers when they require Legal Information or Help with their transaction at no cost of obligation

Competitive Services and Presentations

How To Get Clients to See Real Value in You As Their Realtor

At RealProperty we recognize Realtors today face tough business challenges on a daily basis. We’re here to help you thrive not just survive during these challenging times. In addition to your hard work, we recommend you consider increasing the services you offer your clients and expanding your involvement with them.

The result will be a higher level of client satisfaction, creating strong loyalties and resulting in clients that are so satisfied, they’ll insist that others do business with you. To achieve this type of client advocacy requires an entirely new commitment to service, one that may leave some asking.

Is it worth it? In our opinion, a Big Yes! RealProperty provides Realtors the opportunity to offer clients the highest level of closing services and protection available anywhere – the kind of services that reinforce your value as a Realtor in the eyes of your clients.

Our Message to the Real Estate Community is – “Working with you to make Buying and/or Selling a Home an Easier, Safer and a lot more Affordable Experience for your clients.”

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