Why Us

“Home Closings, Made Safer & EasierJames Vlachos

RealProperty Transaction Centres Inc. offers a “New Standard of Real Estate Legal Services for those Buying, Selling or Refinancing a home in Ontario. Our experienced team of professionals working with and under the supervision of our network of real estate lawyers, perform all the necessary services to successfully Close Your Transaction on time, from Initial Quotation to Closing and Registration and Final Fulfillment of all undertakings.

Totally Modern and Sophisticated

Our Advanced System and Value Added Services, not available through a traditional solicitor-client relationship, are there to meet the challenges of today’s conveyancing process, but more importantly to safe guard all of those involved in the transaction.

How We Initiated Change

We introduced Complete Written Quotations, Guaranteed FixedCost™ Closing Packages that included Title Insurance, Home Warranties and Home Closing Insurance . The No Additional Cost Lawyer’s Review of Purchase Agreements

and/or Status Certificates, more convenient Client Signing Appointments as well as Key Pickups at the nearest Real Estate Brokerage Office at No Additional Cost, and Remote Home Signing Appointments will soon be available.

RealTrac™ File Tracking

RealProperty’s Customized Data Management and File Tracking Software allows clerks and support staff to deliver consistent, high caliber services on every transaction. This system is used to handle the following;

Incoming Calls

Assign Responsibilities

Client Inquiries

Follow Stage of Completeness

Locate Files

Contact Clients

Identify and Track Missing Documentation

Set Appointments

Including various other important information. Our System more importantly allows us to take corrective action in order to close even the most problematic transactions on time.

Today, our number one sources of business is past clients and their referrals, we believe that speaks for itself ✅

Our System and Exclusive Value Added Services

Provides Clients with continued Protection, Peace of Mind, and deliver a Consistent Hassle Free Closing Experience giving RealProperty an Enviable Reputation and an Insurmountable Competitive Edge in the market place

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